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8th International Dental Students & 2nd Dental Surgeons Congress 9th-10th April 2016 , AT KLE Dental College Belgaum.


It was stated with the aim to fight against oral cancer in youngsters. Association conducted a survey in an Indian city in 2006 and concluded that most of the youngsters are addicted to various tobacco products. The project was started to provide independence to youngsters from tobacco.
As we know that Oral cancer has become a severe problem all over the world and INDIA being its epicenter.
In India Oral Cancer accounts for the maximum deaths compared to other type of malignancies. It is taking one life in every 6 seconds and tobacco being responsible for 2500 deaths/day in India.
In every 100 cancer patients, 50 die due to tobacogenic diseases.
This project is executed by our members with the help of cancer specialists and oncologists. We conducted many seminars and conferences at college and school levels to demonstrate the harmful effects of cancer. Counseling the youngsters about tobacco and its products. We tied two fingers of a smoker that avoided him from smoking. Association has estimated that by 2020, we will be able to reach each and every youngster of India. Our aim is to educate the youth about the harms of tobacco with at least one person in every household has the basic information related to Oral Cancer.