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work for the welfare of Dental students and Patients
8th International Dental Students & 2nd Dental Surgeons Congress 9th-10th April 2016 , AT KLE Dental College Belgaum.

Objective and Mission :-

Objective of our organization initially was laid with certain pillars which included the -
•    Safeguard interest of Dental Students. 
•    To work for the welfare of Dental students and Patients. 
•    To prevent the ragging and irregularities in dental colleges of India. 
•    To prevent the commercialization of education so that every class of society has access to proper education. 
•    To encourage public health and to organize lectures, seminars, national conventions and meetings to promote the art and science of dentistry. 
•    To Work for integrated development of Dental Students so that they can develop themselves socially, economically and professionally. 
•    To organize various activities with the help of other Government and Non-governmental   organizations this would be beneficial for dental students.